What Are Brewery Loans and Why Are They So Popular?

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What Are Brewery Loans and Why Are They So Popular?

Brewery is a place where beer is brewed and packed. It is basically a plant from where you can purchase your liquor supply. It is the cheapest way of borrowing funds from brewery owners and is hence a popular option of the publicans. Of late, lot of them have tied up and few have closed down.

But you can still try out for them as they work out cheaper for you. In two ways it can be cheaper, first and foremost you get the liquor supply at a discounted rate and secondly, they also offer good rates on your mortgage. Take advantage of the dual benefit. Isn’t it great?

In addition to this, there is also a rebate option where in you will be given a cheque back on a bi-annual basis for being associated with them for long. It may be a portion of the amount you have paid to them by cheque. Some may offer discounts on the liquor, for every 12 bottles you may get one free. These plant owners are more flexible when it comes to the loan terms and conditions. Overcoming the traditional ways of rigidity of other bankers, it has offered pub owners a breather when they are in a financial crunch. If you want a smaller loan opt for this, as they are more flexible and you can request them for a payment holiday in case things don’t work out for you and you are unable to pay for few months.

Some of the plant owners were forced to close down due to the closure of pubs and the beer industry had to have some tie ups. They have changed their way of working and have stopped lending. With huge purchases you get better discounts on liquor.

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