What Is the Cause of Yeast Infection in Women?

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What Is the Cause of Yeast Infection in Women?

Finding the right treatment for Candidiasis starts from knowing what the cause of yeast infection is. While there are several treatment options available; whether prescription medication, OTC products or natural remedies, it’s always better to target the problem at its root cause. Some people believe that this type of infection is caused by poor hygiene which is why most of us feel embarrassed to seek help. Hygiene does not have anything to do with thrush.

Candidiasis involves a type of fungus or yeast and about 92% of all cases are associated with the fungus Candida Albicans. These fungi naturally exist all over the body and they are normally present in warm and moist areas of the body like the mouth and vagina.

There are several studies which confirm that up to 50% of women have yeast in the vagina without the symptoms. The problem actually arises when yeast in the vagina multiplies uncontrollably to the point where the body can’t fight it anymore causing symptoms like inflammation, irritation, discharge and severe itching.

Aside from yeast overgrowth, what can be the other cause of yeast infection?

1.) Antibiotics– Candidiasis may develop during the course of treatment with antibiotics. Personally, antibiotics and yeast infection go hand in hand for me each time. How so? Antibiotics have the ability to eliminate the yeast’s natural competitors for resources thus increasing the severity of the condition. In other words, they destroy the body’s natural defenses by killing not only the bad bacteria but good bacteria as well. Statistics show that a lot of women get Candidiasis because of antibiotics.

2.) Weakened Immune System– the good bacteria in your intestines are a very vital part of your immune system and once the numbers lower, your immune system weakens. When that happens, you will lose the ability to protect yourself from infections. HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, chemotherapy, cancer and specific drugs all have effect on the immune system.

3.) Another most common cause of yeast infection for women is hormonal changes. For some reason, some women become more vulnerable to Candidiasis when certain hormones are released. These hormones are usually released during pregnancy, menstruation or ovulation.

There are really no visible signs to certain hormonal periods but one thing is for sure. Women are more prone to yeast infections during hormonal alterations. Women on their menopausal stage are not exempted from this type of infection. Other things that can cause hormonal changes include birth control pills and hormone therapy (estrogen therapy).

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